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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Fun Mothers Day Crafts

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How To Make Money With Scrapbooking

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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

My Scrapbooking Secrets

My Scrapbooking Secrets which includes a Digital kit. Which will get you making stunning Scrapbooks every time all the time!

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Professional Scrapbook Business

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Monday, 22 November 2010

Time in a Capsule Scrapbooks and Craft

How to create a time capsule

Scrapbooks are fun and tell a story about the characters preserved in its content. Scrapbooks can include photos, journals, letters, report cards, certificates, stories, books, handprints, footprints, college papers and more.

Each detail that goes in your scrapbook will leave you a lasting memory. When you create the time capsule scrapbooks, you invent seals, history, and preserve time as a whole. Time capsules can include photographs, clothes, hand/feet prints, CDs, names, weight, height, and more. For instance, you can make up a scrapbook that records your baby’s first step and up until this very moment. You can add a journal, photos, prints, etc to set off your design.

How to start your time capsule: You will need a container to seal your items. You will pictures and members of your family and friends along with the items they want to add to your scrapbook. Make a lit that includes your items, photos, family names, etc. Once you collect your details, close your container, label it, and add the date you started. Include the date you intend to begin your scrapbook.

If you have newspaper clippings including recorded events, add them to your scrapbook. You can trace your children’s feet, hands, etc, and add them to your scrapbook as well. You may want to craft a favorite page so that everyone knows your children’s, yours, spouse, or friends’ particular items of interest.

If you have parts of clothing that brings up memories, add them to your scrapbook. CDs make up great memories in scrapbooks as well, especially if the dates are marked. Photos will tell a story about you, your family, friends, etc. Try to organize the photos so that the storybook comes together.

If you have goals set, you may want to add them to your scrapbook as well. The memos will serve as a reminder.

Graduation articles will make a good time capsule for your scrapbook. You can add photos, graduation gown articles and more. Don’t forget to add dates, names, locations, etc so that you have something to remember for a long time to come.

If you wrote a short story, you may want to add it to your time capsule. I had started writing short stories when I was thirteen and would give anything if I would have preserved the copies in my own time capsule. The success we achieve is something to remember for a lifetime, therefore adding stories is giving you a moment to remember.

Some people add locks of hair to their scrapbook. The hair is a reminder of the person they love. In addition, the hair represents a special moment in history.

If you received a special rose from a loved one, or friend you may want to add the flower to your scrapbook. You will need a dried, pressed flower and glue to your page. Add the flower to bring your theme come together. That is if you create a garden page; add the flower in this section. Better yet, if you created a page of your loved one, friend, especially the one that gave you the flower, add it to this section.

If someone in your home is an artist, perhaps you can make a special page for this person. Use the arts drawn and mount them to a page in your scrapbook. Your friends and family will appreciate this special moment, since art says a thousand words.

In all you can add nearly anything you choose to your scrapbook and go back in time in your capsule as you choose. The main idea is using common sense when crafting your scrapbook so that you do not invent bulky pages.


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Scrapbooking Layouts

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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Scrapbooking Madness

Learn to Scrapbook from the masters! Scrapbook Madness has everything you need to know to excel at scrapbooking.
Scrapbooking Masters!

Crafting the Essentials in Scrap Booking How to learn craft terms for scrap booking

Terms are important in life, including when crafting scrapbooks. When you visit craft stores it is great to know a few terms so that the sale clerks will think you are an expert. In addition, having a basic line of terms will help you find your way, rather than getting lost when you hear the clerks talk foreign craft lingo. To get started we can consider acid.

How to understand craft and scrapbook terms: Acid-free products are the key to creating and preserving your scrapbook. You want to request materials that do not have acid-based chemical reactive content. The Ph level should be around seven or even higher, to produce a safe keep scrapbook. The products should not have polyvinyl chlorides; therefore look for PVC-Free materials. Instead, look for materials made of polyester, polyethylene, or polypropylene. Lignin-Free materials will prevent your newspapers, or clippings from yellowing. Lignin is acid based. In addition, you want to learn steps to avoid acidy contents touching your scrapbook. You should wash your hands prior to touching your scrapbook, and request that anyone touching your scrapbook wash their hands beforehand.

Archival is a common term in crafts, since many scrapbooks are made up as archrivals. Archival is the process of protecting your scrapbook from fading, yellowing, or deteriorating. Buffer paper is recommended for crafting scrapbooks. Buffer paper will protect your book from defused acids, and acid migrating from damaging your papers and photos. To find buffer paper suitable for scrapbook crafting, look for paper with the label “Photo Activity Test,” approved or P.A.T., which is approved by ANSI. (American National Standards Institute)

If you plan to glue your photos and news clippings, or other materials in your scrapbook, keep in mind that reversible adhesive is optional. The contents will allow you to remove the photos later and re-locate them in necessary.

“CK OK,” is the “Seal of Approval” that provides you a safe keep in scrap booking. If the materials you purchase do not have this seal, leave it alone.

Scrapbook crafting entails cropping, workshop, page exchange, produce swap, scrapbook club, layout, “Pass the chocolate,” mounting, double mount, heading, embellishment, them, title page, page, and memorabilia.”

How to crop:

Cropping can be done with PhotoShop otherwise, you will need scissors. The process requires that you trim the photos to fit your book. Cropping also entails collecting, allocating ideas, and putting the parts in order so that it tells a story. Workshop is the process of working together with other scrap bookers to come up with ideas. You can use PhotoShop to devise a scheme.

Page exchanging is similar to workshop, only you bring a page with you and work with others to share ideas and to craft a page. Product swapping is the process of getting rid of old craft materials, such as scissors, papers, etc, and swapping with your friends to gain new materials. You can create a scrapbook club from here, which swapping can occur and you and your friends can “pass the chocolate.”

How to layout your scrapbook:

In your club, you will hear the term layout. The term is used to define page grouping. Page grouping is the process of collecting your pages and inserting them alongside the joined group, using the same theme. You can devise your own theme, such as “My Scrapbook of Memories.”

Once you adhesive your photos on a single sheet of paper you are conducting the process of mounting. Double mount is comparable to Layer Mattes. The process includes adhesive two cuts of paper, sticking them together with the photos resting on top of the papers.

Embellishment is the terms used to define die-cuts, stickers, or related materials that make up a page in your scrapbook. The header is your title page. Title page is the start of making your scrapbook. For instance, “Jane Does Scrapbook.” The theme will define your overall ideas behind your scrapbook. Page is the process of making up non-photographic materials, such as journal, embellishments, etc decorated around your photos. Finally, memorabilia is adding souvenirs, official documents, artwork, or related documents to your scrapbook.


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Saturday, 20 November 2010

How to Choose Craft Ink for Scrapbooks

How to choose pens and protectors

Once you gather your glue, paper, photos, embellishments, etc, you will need to consider ink to mark your scrapbook. Ink is important to label photos and embellishments, including adding dates, names, locations, etc. While the marketplace sells a variety of pens, it is important to know the craft types that will give you a lasting memo.

How to choose ink:

Black felt-tip pens are sufficed to handle craft scrapbook projects. Use the pen to label, mark, or write journals. If you intend to mark the back of your photos, use the grease and/or waxy pens. One of the best pens to use is the Photo Marker. The pen is has a fine tip and is a black permanent marker. The pen however allows you to use cloth to remove any writing from the back of your photos. You may want to learn about the guidelines for “CK OK pens.” The pens are tested and approved by Craft experts.

Pens include the light fast and the fade resistance pens. Waterproof, odorless, non-toxic, etc, are ideal pens for scrapbook projects. The pens should not present any odor once the ink has dried. In addition, the pen should be highly resistant to changes, i.e. it should be a permanent swift drying pen. You want to look for the pens that do not bleed, as well as for the pens that do not migrate. In short, look for craft pens with the seal “P.A.T.” (Photo Activity Test)

Once you choose your pens, you will need protectors. Protectors should be PVC integrated. In short, you will need odorless protectors. Protectors will shield your scrapbook once it is complete from acids, or other damaging elements.

How to choose protectors: Protectors include the complete page covers. The protectors will help you to organize your photos while protecting them from slips. You can add memos while using protectors. Page protectors are another type of covering for your scrapbook. In short, page protectors are sheets of plastic. You can purchase the top-loaders, or side-loaders. You can use the sheets, since it has holes to make up binders as well. The economical page protectors include the lightweight. The lightweight protectors are thinner than the medium and heavy protectors are.

How to choose plastics:

To choose plastics consider enclosures, sheets, and encapsulation. The plastic should be made up of polyethylene, polypropylene, and/or polyester. Vinyl should not be used to protect your photos. You will need colorless, clear plastic protectors combined with a P.A.T., seal. The plastic should be odorless and untreated. You want quality plastic that does not include plasticizers. The surface should have coating, yet the sides should not. If you want to protect your scrapbooks, i.e. photos, embellishments use the UV inhibitors. Ultimately, you can use the sheets, which absorbs.

The non-glare or clear plastics should be considered when purchasing protectors. Non-glare will reduce glares shining on your pages with its matte alike elements. The clear is ok, yet unlike the non-glare, you do not get the luxury of reducing smudging, or fingerprints. To learn more about the latest pens and protectors go online where you will find a variety of products available to you. Do not forget to search for the seals.

Another type of protector is the panoramic pages. Page is great if you want to view four-sides of your spreads. The protector is great for creating vacation scrapbooks. Once you gather your pens and protectors, you want to move onto paper. The cardstocks is ideal for designing quality scrapbooks that will last a long time.


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How to Craft a Lively Scrapbook

Crafting a lively scrapbook is a fun task, and can be accomplished with minimal supplies and cash. Scrapbooks are a storybook combined with pictures, embellishments, documents, and more. Each step you take to living up your scrapbook will tell an amazing story to the audience enjoying your creation. The photos say a thousand words alone, yet if you add background, stationary, patterns, lettering, titles, captions, stickers, etc, you can living it up even more to present an outstanding story.
Penmanship is important. If you need help with penmanship, you may want to create your own letters from scraps, such as patterns or stationary. When you create a scrapbook, you want compelling messages, lettering, journals, pictures, and more. You will need a genealogy to start telling the story of your family and their history. Next, you will need pens, paper, letterheads, stickers, etc, to finish your story. You will find archival pens in a variety of styles, colors, etc.
Pens available to create lively scrapbooks include permanent markers/pens, waterproof, non-toxic, fade-resistance, non-bleeding, quick dry, and pigment ink. Black, felt-tip pens are great also, yet you want to be careful not to apply too much pressure when writing. You want to avoid the acid-based pens, markers, etc. Search for the CK OK and P.A.T. approved pens in the craft stores.
How choose pens for writing lettering and journals: If you choose, the felt-pens make sure that you understand the point size. The sizes range from .005 to .08-mm, depending on the style.
If you want to invent a fancy scrapbook check out the line of inscription pens. The pens are designed to handle captions, titles, etc. The pen tips have broad, flat tips and when used at a “45-degree” slant you can create beautiful letters. Practice first before using the pen if you are not use to calligraphy styles.
When creating borders, captions, or titles for your scrapbook you can use the Zig writers also. The pens were designed by expert crafters, or manufacturers that specialize in scrap booking. You will find the “Zig Memory” Systems, etc. “EK Success” is the creators of these pens, which include the Zig Writers, Calligraphy, scroll tips, fine tips, dense markers, brush pens, and the bullet pens. You have a selection of colors to choose from.
Additional pens include the chisel, colored pens, pencils, and the goof-proof rollers, which are gel based. Chisel comes in a variety of sizes, colors, etc, and will offer you versatile lettering. Scroll is designed to the handle sophisticated letters. The pen is called “Scroll and Brush. If you are familiar with computer fonts, perhaps the closest font to the scroll pens is the CASTELLAR font. In addition to pens, you can purchase the craft paint pens. You will find a variety of colors and pen-tip sizes are craft stores, online, stationary stores, and more. The gel-based pens are similar to paint pens. In the line of pens, you will find lightning, milky, and more. The pens are ideal for writing journals.
Color pens enable you to color in areas of your scrapbook to produce a nice looking design. You can use the color pens also to draw your own pictures and more. Colored pencils are ideal for designing titles, lettering, captions, etc. The pencils come in a variety of colors. Some of the popular craft brands include Berol Prsima, and the Zig brands. TIP: When using paint pens make sure that you apply adequate pressure without over doing it. To create letters, i.e. fancy letters large or small use the double “fine n’ chisels.
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Friday, 19 November 2010

How to Choose Craft Materials for Scrapbooks

How to choose adhesives

Adhesives are important to keep your scrapbook materials together. Buying the correct adhesives is just as important to keep your photos safe. Scrap bookers want to adhere to the “CK OK” seals when purchasing adhesives. Some people use rubber cement to create scrapbooks, yet recent studies has shown that the material will damage photos. You can choose glues, paste, or tape to create your scrapbook, which is your choice. The best materials however are provided to you in this article.

How to choose adhesives:

Adhesives include P.A.T. (Photo Activity Test) materials. P.A.T. has tested the adhesives to make sure that it will not damage your scrapbook. Adhesives include acrylic based or starched based products, which are safe keeps. Reversible adhesives, white and/or colorless, odor free, chemical additives, migratory, non-toxic, neutralized pH sever or higher, etc are safe keep adhesives to create scrapbooks.

Any glue you purchase should not run, relax, or have any odors once it dries. It should not transfer either. Moreover, the glue should not distort, color, or damage your photos.

TIP: Use heavy paper when crafting your scrapbook.

In craft stores, you will find a selection of glues, including sticks, bottle liquids, glue pens, etc. You can test the products to see which are best suited for your scrapbook process. The glue sticks are ideal if you want to produce a scrapbook with less the muddle. For smaller projects, you may want to use the pens. You will need to apply enough force to stick your smaller objects. Use the bottled liquid glue to stick die cuts, fragments, or scraps.

If you want to embellish, you can use the two-way pens. When the pens are moist it provides are stern adhesive, yet you can remove your scraps, papers, photos, etc, at your convenience.

Scotch tape is great to use as adhesives. Tape is easier to use than glues. When choosing tape however makes sure, you have a tape roller. Tape will provide you a reversal along with quick processing. Reversible tape includes the double tape also. To use tapes merely consign the scotch tape or double tape on your pages. On the opposite side, stick your embellishments, documents, photos, etc.

Glue and tape is cheaper than the Xyron machines. The machines will make up quality scrapbooks. The machines are ideal if you plan to create multi-scrapbook projects. You can use the machine as a laminator. In addition, you can make stickers with the Xyron machines

In addition to the machines, glues, tapes, etc, you may want to invest in photo splits and precut glue, paste, cement, etc. How to use splitters:

To use photo splits you can drag out your tabs. Once you tug out your tab(s) submit them to your scrapbook page. You will need to skin, or unpeel the layers at the top.

Once you decide which adhesives you want to use you will need to consider ink. In the meantime, the glues should not have acids incorporated into its substance. In addition, the adhesives should be lignin-free.

Scrapbooks are a way to bring your family together. Down through the years you can review your scrapbooks to recall lost memories, or to spark fragmented memories, bringing them to a full picture. To craft your scrapbook however, you want to “Keep Safe” in mind. Keep Safe means to purchase materials that protect your certificates, photos, letters, news clippings, and related embellishments.

As I said, once you purchase your glues you want to consider ink. Ink is your writing tool that helps you to add journals, storybooks, records, names, dates, etc.


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How to Choose Craft Stationary Paper

Stationary paper makes a great design for any scrapbook. Stationary paper helps you to craft fun pages, basic layouts, extraordinary captions and more. Crafters can purchase stationary paper at any craft shop, stationary store, or scrapbook department. The paper is available in a variety of size, colors, designs, etc.

How to choose stationary paper: You want paper that matches your scrapbook theme. The paper should harmonize with the colors in your photo, as well as the subject.

How to create dividers: Dividers are crafted to add little amazing features to your scrapbook. Dividers are designed to allow your to separate seasons, events, travel, etc. In short, you can use dividers to create a storybook. Use your pictures and make them come together while crafting your dividers to separate the photos. Again, you want to choose coordinated stationary that matches the theme of your storybook. For instance, if you’re creating a Christmas them, choose snowmen, pine trees, lights, Santa Clause, or related patterns. On the other hand if you are creating a fall theme, then choose orange, yellow, green, and brown patterns, such as those with leaves fallen from trees.

Tip: When you prepare to mount photos on stationary paper, you can cut out the interior region, which will not be apparent when showing your photos, to use as extra paper for the next pages.

When you use stationary to craft your scrapbook, try learning steps in die cutting, punching, or use stickers to create additional patterns to set off your photos. For instance, if you are creating a theme, and your pictures have off casts, such as sun, sky, trees, etc, buy stickers, or cut to die cuts or punches to set off your theme.

Tip: If you are announcing the birth of a child, try using rubber stamps and print your baby’s fingerprints, handprints, or footprints on your stationary. Add your baby’s date of birth, name, and so on to setoff your card.

Creating scrapbooks is a fun adventure. You can use your creative mind without worrying about being a pro artist to create anything you choose. When you choose patterns and stationary however, always try to make sure that the designs coordinate with your theme to invent a lasting memo.

You will find colors and patterns at craft shops, stationary stores, and so which will match your theme. The paper includes decorative patterns. The patterns include the holiday paper, travel, birth, and more. You will find checkers, stripes, dots, plaids, floral, sports, and other designs online as well. Specialty patterns are designs that offset cardstocks or scrapbooks as well. You will find corrugated or ridged cardstock, handmade paper, vellum, and fabric resembling velvet (Velveteen) at craft stores.

If you are crafty, you may want to make up your own patterns, designs, stationary, etc. You can purchase do-it-yourself kits online or at craft stores. The kits will provide you instructions, guides, etc, that help you to create your own patterns. Keep in mind however, if you are creating your own paper, use the paper approved by P.A.T. or CK OK. Acidy-based paper will cause ruin to your photos, embellishments, etc.

The scrap you have left from your patterns, stationary, etc, you can use to create letterheads for your title page, header, and so on. Otherwise, you can use the scraps to start your next pattern on the following page.

Crafting scrapbooks is a fun adventure that keeps those special moments alive. Once you have purchase your pens, paper, patterns, protectors, stationary, etc, it is time to move on to craft your scrapbook, bringing it alive.


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Thursday, 18 November 2010

How to Craft a Garden Scrapbook

Garden scrapbooks can present a natural feeling when the audience is reading your storybook. Flowers are one of the popular natural-based elements that many people cherish. You can store flowers in a scrapbook to craft a garden style creation. To start you will need a dried flower. Compress the flower placing it into your scrapbook pocket, such as the memorabilia. Next, glue, tape, etc, the flower so that it is sticking on the page securely. You may have seen flowers preserved in bibles. The process in scrapbooks is similar, only you want to stick the flowers so that it does not fall out.

How to craft flowers for scrap booking:

You can use corsages, bouquets, or the colored part of the flower to craft your garden scrapbook. The compressed and dried flowers should be in a straight line, added to your scrapbook page, and smoothly seated near your photographs.

Your dry flowers and compressed flowers should be laminated. Use Xyron, or any acid-free product to laminate your flowers.

During the fall is the best time to pluck materials to make up a garden scrapbook. As you make up your garden scrapbook consider title page, captions, journal, lettering, photos, plant species, headings and more.

If you are adding fall leaves to your scrapbook, you may want to visit a copy shop. You will need to place the leaves in a sealed container when transferring the leaves. The leaves with depreciate over time if you fail to follow instructions. You can add the leaves at your title page to start your garden scrapbook.

If you are making up a scrapbook to present your garden, snap a few pictures and make up a blueprint. The blueprint should include each detail of your garden. Following, you can add a journal to let your friends and family know how you invented your garden.

When to take photos:
Spring, summer, winter, and fall is the best time to take photos of your garden. Each season provides you a variety of colors, shades, texture, blooms, etc. Once you snap the shots add them to your garden scrapbook.

If you want to get created you can cut, paste, and add extras to your scrapbook, i.e. cut magazine clips based on your garden theme and add them to your scrapbook. Also, you can add tips beside your pictures to help your family and friend learn.

During the seasons, you want to document your gardens activities as well as your own to create a genealogy, and history of your scrapbook. Record detail specifics to help your audience learn from your efforts. During the summer record, the blooms so that when winter comes you can look back on your success. When the blooms start to grow, you may want to snap photos so that you can add to your scrapbook. Try crafting your scrapbook in a chronological order so that your book tells the story you want to portray to the audience.

Some people add special rocks to their scrapbook. If you decide to add, rocks try to find the small, flat rocks. The thicker, bulk rocks will only interrupt your scrapbook.

Flowers are beautiful inside scrapbooks. The flowers that set off garden scrapbooks include roses of all colors, daffodils, tulips, crocuses, and so on. Still, if you add flowers to your scrapbook you want to use petals that harmonize with your theme. For instance, if you are crafting a summer page, then use colorful flower copies. If you are crafting a fall theme, then use the flowers that flow in harmony with your theme.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Learn How to Use the Cricut Design Studio

As a scrapbooker or card maker, you are familiar with the Cricut. The Cricut Design Studio was recently released... this ebook and video take you from instalation of the software to advanced designs and cuttings

Check it out!

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

100 Zoo Animal Stickers, 1 Roll

100 Zoo Animal Stickers, 1 RollStick 'em anywhere! These 1 1/2" zoo animal stickers feature cute images of lions, zebras, gorillas, giraffes, tigers and elephants. Use these fun stickers to decorate notebooks, scrapbooks or stationery. Stuff them in goody bags for your jungle-themed party! (100 stickers per roll, shrink-wrapped)


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Scrapbooking - A Profitable Business

Scrapbooking is a MULTI-Billion dollar business with a fanatical following. This niche is full of buyers who have the opportunity to cash in on the hobby they love. Affiliate tools included to help you sell.

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Monday, 15 November 2010

Acrylic Albums & Mixed Media Albums

I was so intrigued by the idea of using acrylic albums and mixed media albums that I took several classes this year to find out more.

 Clear Snaps carries a wonderful selection of albums (both in acrylic and chipboard).  The following are the important points to remember when creating a project with these wonderful albums:

Mix the acrylic and chipboard together 

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Halloween Scrapbooking

Halloween scrapbooking

from Queen and Company


Halloween may be the best opportunity of the year to create that colorful and exciting scrapbook memory. The kids are all dressed up in colorful costumes and often even “shutter-shy” kids are ready (and usually eager) to pose for pictures and strut their stuff. Products like those from Felt Frenzy  will help you accent their costumes and make your pages “pop”. Choose from raised felt pumpkins, ghosts, bats and other designs die-cut from quality felt to give a professional look and feel to your Halloween scrapbooking pages.   Add Colorful enamel brads  to create contrasting colors and textures. The brads come in sizes ranging from 15 to 25mm in fun shapes like scary black cats, jack-o’ lanterns, witches hats and brooms. These brads stand out like little jewels and will really spice up your page!  For borders and page breaks use Felt Fusion’s self-adhesive felt ribbon. Choose Black Cat, Scary Spiderweb or Rollicking Pumpkins that are 1.6” wide, 1 yard in length. Just peel and stick to dress up your page with borders or a separation between photos and themes. We also offer Mini-felt ribbon ¾” wide pre-cut in one yard lengths. Choose from ornate “Happy Halloween” with spiderwebs, or busy blue bats with wings wide. With a repeating design, this ribbon is also perfect for borders and separations or can be cut individually to add interest to any page.

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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Secrets of the Scrapbooking Pros!

A step-by-step guide to make dazzling scrapbooking pages your friends will envy.

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Scrapbooking Products


Friday, 12 November 2010

Christmas Clipart - Huge Christmas Graphics Package

The 156 Meg Christmas Graphics Super Pack, is chock full of .jpg, .gif, and .png files to keep you busy clear till Christmas! 50% commission for affiliates.

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How Photo Books Help Preserve Memories (Plus a Giveaway)!

This week, Scrapblog is featured on Life … Your Way, a new Web site that offers advice and personalized solutions for nearly every aspect of life. We feel lucky to be working with them to provide their audience with photo sharing tips and, in turn, discovering unique uses for Scrapblog through the eyes of “Life … Your Way” editors. In this week’s post the site’s founder, Mandi Ehman, shares reasons she believes printed photo books are a great alternative to traditional photo albums and scrapbooks. As she states, printed photo books:
• Are thinner and take up less room than large photo albums
• Allow for more customization than traditional photo albums
• Are quicker and easier to create for new scrapbookers.
• Enable you to reuse stickers, themes, and other elements across multiple projects.
• Grant instant access to thousands of products and elements.
• Can be worked on at any time, from anywhere with internet access.
• Can be shared with friends and family online via slideshows
To share the benefits of photo books with readers like you, Life …  Your Way is hosting a giveaway! By just leaving a comment on Mandi’s post, you will be entered to win a free photo book from Scrapblog. Check out Life … Your Way to read more about preserving your memories and to enter the giveaway!
Win a photo book!Categories: Journaling.
By Emi — October 13, 2010 at 3:41 pm
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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Kids Craft Kits

Get the kids busy o the weekends and holidays with craft kits. Kids craft kits are ideal for kids as they often come with very easy to understand instructions on how to construct the craft.

Check out these recommended craft kits for kids.


Loads of Christmas Fun And Games for Kids

Keeping kids happy and busy at Christmas is easy if you have the right activities to give them. This site Kids Christmas Activities gives you printable educational Christmas activities for children and educational Christmas games and puzzles, so while kids have fun they are also learning.

Printable Kids Christmas Activities are Ideal for Entertaining Kids At Home or School. You will get everything you need to entertain the kids with Christmas activities, including Word Puzzles, Mazes, Christmas Games, Math Worksheets, Coloring Pages, Christmas Cards, Gift Tags And Much More. Bonus Kids Christmas Party Games Included.

Check out the site here - Kids Christmas Activities and Games

Sapphire Scrapbook Video Tutorials

These scrapbook video tutorials make it so easy for you to create the projects you've always wanted to make. No matter where you live, no matter how awkward your schedule, you can follow these videos at your own convenience to make interesting, innovative projects that you'll show with pride.
Economical, convenient and easy to use video tutorials for scrapbooking and paper crafting. Make these charming and delightful mini albums and paper crafting projects when you want, where you want and with whom you want. Its a scrapbookers paradise.
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Tip of the Week: Create Your Own Color Palette!

Sometimes, the standard color palette just isn’t enough. When you need greener blues, whiter reds, or just a pop of purple, create your own colors for backgrounds, borders, & shapes. You can then save these colors to create a personalized rainbow of colors, perfect for your scrapblogs and unique to your tastes. Here’s how:
1. Click on “Background Color” under edit in the Builder toolbox.
2. Select your desired color.
3. Click “Add to My Colors.”
The new color will appear under your customized color palette!
Try this now!

Categories: Inspiration, Tips & Tricks.Tags: color palette, Scrapblog colors, toolbox
By Emi — October 12, 2010 at 4:03 pm
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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Tips & Tricks: How to Erase!

Many Scrapbloggers have asked how to erase elements from their pictures without the eraser tool. Here’s your answer!
You can remove elements from your photos using the freehand crop tool. It’s as easy as using the eraser, plus with an added effect! Start here:
1) Click on the picture you’d like to edit.
2) Choose “crop” from the tool bar.
3) Pick “freehand” from the top nav bar of the photo cropping tool.
4) Drag and click your mouse around the area you wish to crop. You can even adjust the softness to create a feathery effect, as below.?
Try the Free Hand Crop Tool!
Try it now!
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By Emi — September 29, 2010 at 5:20 pm
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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Scrapbooking Projects

Scrapping Spring” is a scrapbooking and paper crafting project e-book. It contains step-by-step project instructions with detailed photos and patterns to create 10 scrap-related projects. Projects are spring-themed to get you in the mood for the better weather just around the corner. There are also a few Easter related projects thrown in for good measure.
These are projects you can make using your scrap supplies and sometimes a few other interesting and unexpected materials. If you are missing one of the supplies, sometimes you will find that ideas are given for alternatives. You can make these projects yourself in your own home, or get together with a few friends and try some of the projects in a crop! Take a look at the projects listed below. A lot of them would be great to give as a gift for someone special! It’s always nice to have a handmade gift on hand in case an opportunity arises to give someone a nice present.
Check it out - Scrapbooking Projects!

500 Scrapbooking Sketches

Discover the Secret to Creating Scrapbooking Layouts You Absolutely Adore Easily and Effortlessly Every Time - 50% commission.

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Monday, 8 November 2010

Ranger Tim Holtz DVD, An Altered Journey

Discover the world of inks, papers, and beyond! This award winning DVD includes projects such as how to create timeless, distressed artwork with Distress Ink and other Ranger products on paper, clay, silk, dominos, Memory Glass, and more. Jam-packed with over 2 hours of projects tips and ideas. An Altered Journey demonstrates step-by-step instructions. There is also an interactive gallery overflowing with more than 90 photos of sample artwork! Run time: 127 minutes.
Price: $29.99

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Cute Clutch Bag for the Cricut Gypsy Just Released

Cute Clutch Bag for the Cricut Gypsy Just Released Posted on 03. Dec, 2009 by scrapbook blogger in Products
Ok, I might just need one of these because they are so dang cute!  Provo Craft used a great designer on this one!  Finally, a bag to go along with a product that is ULTRA CUTE!  Hey, do ya think I want one of these?  LOL!  Anyway, I found it available with a good pic on my favorite Cricut Supply store,  Couldn’t grab a pic, but check it out for yourself by clicking right here!  Would love to hear how many people plan on getting this!  I am just getting my Gypsy this week, and I can’t wait to put it in this carrying bag and show it off!  :)   Cheers!
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Sunday, 7 November 2010

Good Cricut Cartridge Prices

Good Cricut Cartridge Prices Posted on 15. May, 2008 by scrapbook blogger in Cricut

As most of you know, I’m always looking for the best prices on Cricut Cartridges.  There is a new favorite among my favorite online Cricut retailers.  Prices are good (some even $37-ish), but the kicker is that shipping is always $5.00 no matter how many items you buy.    Another reason this site is one of my favorites is because of the turn-around time.  My orders were shipped the day after I ordered.  Impressive!  Love it!  Here is the link:

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Scrapbooking Joy The Basics

Learn the basics of scrapbooking, including how to combine photographs, art and text into creative masterpieces.


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Scrapbooking Paper Packs

Saturday, 6 November 2010

The Scrapbooking Academy - Scrapbook Video Training

Learn the art of Scrapbooking with video online training. Get Scrapbooking Ideas to help you save money and create amazing scrapbook layouts. Bring the fun back into scrapbooking!

Check it out - Scrapbooking Ideas!

Cupcake Wrapper and Topper

I have been browsing on the kaiser craft website. They have some amazing project instructions. Check out this one
Cupcake Wrapper and Topper

Creative Memories Coordinator Choice

Combine the information from the Creative Memories Home Class video with this video and it will help you develop a personal style that will help make sure your home events meet the needs of your current and new customers. This video demonstrated how to present a flexible home class; how to present a home show (in English and Spanish); suggestions and tips for displaying and selling Creative Memories product; and customer/consultant friendly language.

Este video te muestra en espanol como presentar una Demostracion en el Hogar.Brinda sugerencias y consejos para vender los productos de Creative Memories, igual que terminos y lenguaje comodos para clientes y Consultoras.


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Saturday, 16 October 2010

How To Make Money With Scrapbooking

Introducing an amazing new e-book called, “How To Make Money Scrapbooking.” It covers nearly everything you need to know about getting up and started in your own scrapbooking business … as soon as TOMORROW.

Quickly Start Your Own Scrapbooking Business From Home. At least $500 a week. Instant start-up secrets … written for beginners … easy to understand

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Melanie Pracas
Turn Your Hobby into Cash

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Sunday, 2 May 2010

$70 in Bonus Gifts for Your Mum!

Just buy a gift certificate from we will add up to $70* to your gift certificate. Buy $30 get $5 free, Buy $50 get $10 free, buy $100 get $30 free, buy $200 get $70 free. Click to Buy Now
*Vouchers cannot be used for shipping costs. You cannot receive fees or other vouchers back if you do not use the entire voucher in one shopping session. More than one voucher cannot be used at one time.


Friday, 5 March 2010

New Products: Stamps and Inks

Hi everyone, just a quick post to tell you all that has just added a new category for stamps, inks and paints to their online shop.
Personalise your layouts and cards with hot new stamping products from Basic Grey, Inque Boutique, Heidi Swapp and more. These new scrapbooking supplies, including stamps, inks and paints, will help to make your paper craft projects a breeze.

Monday, 1 March 2010

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Everlasting Scrapbooks is now on Twitter. Follow us on Twitter to receive updates on specials and giveaways which will be exclusive to Twitter followers.

The lastest twitter special is: Buy one get one FREE. Order any 12x12 Paper from and get one FREE. Twitter followers only, ends 3/3/10.

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Some of my Altered Art Projects

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