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Thursday, 29 May 2008

Free Scrapbooking Goodies for your Tips

I mentioned last Thursday that I wanted to start a giveaway with the Ten Top Tips Thursday, what I want is for you to give me your top tips.

Give me 5 Tips and I will send you a FREE $15 Gift voucher.
Give me 10 Tips and I will send you a FREE $15 Gift voucher, plus some free scrapbooking goodies. The free goodies will range from free rub-ons and sticker sheets, embellishments or it might even be a free scrapbooking kit.

So what are you waiting for send your top tips to me at ( and I will send you your free scrapbooking goodies. I will be running this giveaway for two weeks and it will close on Thursday the 12th of June. Limit 10 tips per person.

I look forward to receiving your top tips.

Ten Top Tips Thursday

Here is 10 more tips for you. Check out my next post to see the giveaway I am running for the Ten Top Tips Thursday for a chance to get FREE scrapbooking goodies.
  1. Use paper off-cuts to create a flower and leaves, then use hand stitching to create the stems.
  2. Cut strips of patterned paper to use as a ribbon.
  3. Use arrows to get attention and funk your layouts up a bit.
  4. When using lots a different colour's, make sure they're all the same intensity.
  5. Be creative with journalling by including pre-printed words to describe what's happening in your photos.
  6. Use computer software to desaturate colour's in the photos to better match patterned paper.
  7. Use a simple design and monochromatic colour scheme to keep the focus on a strong photo.
  8. Dip a soft rag into paint and rub around the edges of your layout.
  9. When cropping your photo, play around with it first, to ensure you get the best option for the subject of the photo.
  10. If you make a spelling mistake on your layout, re write the word on coloured cardstock and attach it over the top.

Monday, 26 May 2008

The Importance of Scrapbook Journaling

One of the most important aspects of scrapbooking is journaling. For new scrappers, journaling is the part of your book that is the written material on the page. You might know what each picture represents, but those who read through your scrapbook don't and words help to enhance the pictures. The information you put down can be as simple as listing the names of people in the photos or writing down a date and place where the picture was taken. You can also go into great detail and include the whole story behind the picture for even better lasting memories.

One of the best ways to ensure that your journaling is accurate and heart felt is to keep an actual journal as part of your scrapbooking supplies. When you have an event that you take some pictures of, jot down in the journal what is happening and how you are feeling. That way, even if it is months (or even years) later when you come to scrapbook those photographs, you will be able to look back and remember exactly why that photograph was taken, and what it meant to you at the time. This journal does not have to be fancy or detailed, just a place where you can jot down a few thoughts when something interesting or funny occurs.

Journaling in your scrapbook should be heartfelt. Make sure that you record how you are feeling about a person or place on the page. This is especially important when you are scrapbooking family. You want your children to be able to look at your scrapbook and know exactly how important they are to you.

Poems make interesting additions to your journaling. You might be thinking, "I cannot write a poem!" That is fine! Purchase a few small books with witty poems and quotes, and borrow from those. Find a verse that matches what you are feeling, and jot it down on your page. It does not have to be your own actual wording to make the statement you desire to share.

When you think about it, nobody writes anything by hand anymore. Although composing your journal entries on the computer gives your scrapbook a sharp, clean look, writing your entries by hand can add a certain charm you won't get from your computer. You might want to use a printed banner for a title on the page and make your other notations by hand. If you do choose to create a page with computer-generated text, keep your fonts consistent, as mixing up fonts can be distracting to the reader.

Journaling is a way to preserve the story of your family for future generations. While it can be frustrating at times for the scrapbooker, do not overlook its importance. You might be tempted to skip a journal on a particular page because you are certain that you will not forget the significance behind those pictures. But stop and think about the picture you took ten or twenty years ago. Do you honestly remember everything that was going on that made those pictures so special? Chances are you do not. Record your thoughts and feelings while they are fresh, and the journaling will keep your scrapbook and pictures fresh and lively for years to come.

Article By: Graham Johns - Graham Johns runs and writes regularly for where you can read many more articles on children and families. Also go to for a wide range of informative and entertaining audio books.

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Competitions and Giveaways

Ok, I said I wanted to have lots of Competitions and Giveaways on my website and this blog, these competitions and giveaways will give everyone the chance to get FREE scrapbooking products, but really nothing in life is free, so to receive these free scrapbooking products you will need to do something to get it! Don't worry it won't be anything to hard! I will be asking you to enter your layouts into the competitions, or refer a friend, or I might even ask for tips and ideas from you.

The first giveaway is an easy one though - All you have to do is sign up for Everlasting Scrapbooks mailing list and I will send you a FREE $15 gift voucher for you to spend online at Everlasting Scrapbooks on any products you want.

Go to my website and sign up to the mailing list using the form at the top right corner of the website, but hurry this giveaway is only available for a short time. For more information please go to the Competitions and Giveaways page on my website.


Envelope Books

Heres a fun project for you to make. These envelope books are really easy to make and can be used to help you remember all important birthdays. Make sure you read all instructions first to get a feel for the construction of the envelope book.

Front cover of birthday envelope book

Open view of envelope book

Open view of envelope book showing the 12 calender pages that go in the envelopes

All measurements are determined by the size of your envelopes. The measurements I have used is for envelopes C6 (115 x 162mm). You can change measurements to suit your size envelope.

TLC Hotfudge Birthday Kit
2x extra cardstock (for calender inserts)
White printer paper
Alphabet stickers
12 envelopes

Making Book Cover:
Step 1: Cut 1x piece of purple cardstock in half, it should be about 15cm (6") but measure because not all cardstock is exactly 30cm x 30cm (12"x12").

Step 2: With the white side of the cardstock facing up, mark and score both halves of cardstock at 14cm and 15cm. This makes the two spines for the book.

Step 3: With one half off your cardstock mark, but DO NOT score at 16cm. Then adhere the other half of cardstock at this 16cm mark. You want it so your envelopes sits nicely in the middle section of book.

Step 4: You now have the basic book ready, now we have to make the strip to keep book closed when folded up. This strip is made in the same way as the envelope book. Cut 2x strips of cardstock, 4 1/2cm x 30cm. Mark and score at 16 1/2cm and 18cm. With one strip only mark but do not score at 18 1/2cm, adhere 2nd strip of cardstock to first strip at this 18 1/2cm mark. Wrap your finished strip around your closed book cover and adhere strip together at back so you can slide it off the book.

Step 5: Decorate outside cover of book. Cut 2x pieces of the strip paper 14cm x 9cm. Adhere to to the left and right outside covers about 1cm from bottom. Cut 3x circles from chipboard (or use precut circles) and use modge podge (or craft glue) to cover chipboard circles with patterned paper, sand edges of circles for a smooth finish. Using foam mounting tape adhere present, cake and candle picture accents to chipboard circles and adhere to the top of the left outside cover making the candle chipboard hangover the right edge of cover. Using the alphabet stickers stick the word book to the arrow accent and adhere to bottom right of outside cover.

Step 6: Decorate inside of book. Cut 2x star patterned paper 14m x 9cm, adhere to the bottom of the left and right sections on inside cover. Cut 2x stripe patterned paper 14cm x 2 1/2cm and adhere to left and right sections of inside cover overlapping the star paper a little bit.

Now you have the basic book, you just need to add envelopes and calender inserts.

Adding Envelopes:
Step 1: Get your 12 envelopes and fold the (self adhesive) flap backwards on all envelopes.

Step 2: Starting with the first envelope adhere to second envelope using the self adhesive flap, repeat with all envelopes, until you have your stack of envelopes stuck together.

Step 3: Adhere the bottom envelope from the stack to the center section of your open book. you can cut a strip of patterned paper to place inside envelope to hide the blue part of envelope, but I decided not to as the calender inserts cover this.
Step 4: Decorate top envelope. Cut strip paper to the length of your envelope by 8cm high, adhere to top envelope 1.5cm from bottom. Cut the ribbon accent to the length of envelope and adhere to the bottom of the top envelope overlapping the strip paper a little bit. Cut 2 full star shapes and 1 half star from the star paper and adhere to the top envelope. Adhere "celebrate" accent to left of the top envelope.

Making Calender Inserts:
Step 1: If you like you can download the calender template that I used, or you can use your own calender template. Print calender months onto white printer paper and then cut out and adhere to cardstock, cut out. My measurements for each calender insert is 15cm x 11cm.
Step 2: Using the ribbon accent cut 12 sections and adhere to the back of each calender month at different intevals. Insert 1 calender month into each envelope.


You can change the theme of your envelope to suit your needs, here is one I made for favourite recipes.

You can also make one to store cards, a babies first year where you can have a separate envelope for every month to keep photos and mementos, or make one for your child's school days.

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Chipboard Album Kits

I wanted to tell you about TLC Shape Upz Chipboard Kits. If you like chipboard albums you are really going to like these kits from TLC. They are available in 4 different designs, Flower, Circle, Heart and Home, and comes with lots of beautiful and quality scrapbooking products to complete a whole album.

The album measures approximately 5" x 5" and comes with everything you need to make your album, here is a list of what you get;

5 Chipboard Album pages with metal ring
3 Ribbons (24" each)
5 Designer Papers pre-cut to shape of album
12 Designer Papers (6x6)
2 6x6 Border Strip Paper
1 6x6 Rub-on Sheet
1 6x6 Chipboard Design
1 Idea Sheet

These gorgeous chipboard album kits are available for purchase at my website Everlasting Scrapbooks.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Ten Top Tips Thursday

Well its Thursday again, so here are the ten top tips for the week.
  1. Use double-sided paper to create a pocket - fold the bottom two edges into the middle and secure with eyelets.
  2. Brush paint or gesso onto a photo then apply alphabet stickers on top.
  3. Achieve a distressed look when sewing on accents by missing stitches and leaving loose thread at the ends.
  4. Instead of putting your child's artwork in a drawer, make it a feature on a page.
  5. Use a rubber mallet to flatten bottle caps, then paint and attach stickers to them.
  6. Balance strong colour's by incorporating solid black in your layout.
  7. Use a square punch to create windows on cardstock then attach transparency and photos to the back.
  8. Use keywords as a border design and to tie the focal point of your journalling.
  9. Use clothing labels from your child's no longer worn clothes as embellishments.
  10. Use paint chips as an alternative to cardstock.
I am looking for your help with the "Ten Top Tips Thursday", so I will be starting a competition with lots of free goodies! I will post more next week, I just have to finish of a few things first, make sure you come back next week to find out more.

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Decorated Wooden Frames

Here is a simple and effective way to decorate a wooden frame using a TLC quikSAND Accent Kit. The quikSAND kits make it easy to decorate the frame, but you can use any scrapbooking products that you may already have at home.


TLC quikSAND Accent Kit – Genuine Boy (boy theme)
TLC quikSAND Accent Kit – Being You (girl theme)
TLC Candid Alphabet Stickers – black
Double sided foam squares
Wooden Frame
Mod Podge
(All paper needed comes in quikSAND kit, you can use any kit to suit your needs)


1. Trace the wooden frame shape on the back of the patterned paper. Cut along traced lines and adhere the paper to the front of the frame using Mod Podge. Allow it to dry completely and then sand and ink around the edges of the paper.

2. Trace a circle on the back of another piece of patterned paper and cut out. Ink or sand the edges of the circle. Adhere it to the top, right corner of the frame, allowing it to overlap on the top and the right side. Trim the paper even with the frame. When it’s completely dry, ink or sand the edges that were trimmed.

3. For the “Genuine Boy” frame, cut or punch a 2” circle from the Limeade cardstock. Sand the edges and adhere to the frame, allowing it to overlap the left side as shown.

4. Remove one of the photo accents from the quikSAND Accent sheet. Sand the edges and adhere to the frame so that it overlaps the small circle and extends inside the frame opening.

5. Remove the title and the oval nameplate from the quikSAND Accent sheet and sand the edges of both pieces. Cut a piece of cardstock 7” x 1 7/8” and sand the edges. Adhere the title to the cardstock block, leaving approximately 1/8” on all sides. Use foam squares to attach the title just below the opening of the frame as shown.

6. Cut a piece of cardstock 3 ¼” x 1 3/8” and sand the edges. Use TLC Candid Alphabet Stickers to apply the name of the person in the photo to the oval nameplate. Use foam squares to attach the nameplate to the cardstock plate. Adhere the block over the large circle, allowing it to overlap the inside opening of the frame as shown.

7. For the “Being You” frame remove the small angled tag from the quikSAND Accent sheet. Sand the edges and apply the year using the TLC Candid Alphabet Stickers. Tie the tag to the bow using ¼” ribbon.

8. Add a ribbon embellishment if desired.

Monday, 19 May 2008

Ideas using Off The Page Kits

I have added new off the page kits to my online scrapbooking store Everlasting Scrapbooks. I love using Premade kits like these ones because they come with everything you need to complete an amazing project, but you also get instructions to learn new Scrapbooking and Off The Page techniques.

One of the best parts about buying premade kits with instructions, is that you can re-use the instructions with your own scrapbooking stash to create a new project with a completely different look! Here is my example of the Family Faces Kit using products from TLC and Heidi Swapp, to make a little gift for my mum showing photos of all her grandchildren.

Or you can use different techniques you have been taught from the instructions on various other scrapbooking projects. I have used the flower technique I got from using the Little Box of Love Kit on my scrapbooking layout "Oh So Cute", you can see the flower on the top right of layout. Other products I have used in this layout are TLC Tressie Kits and Ribbon and Heidi Swapp Jewels and Chandliers.

Have fun experimenting with your scrapbooking and off the page kits to come up with lots of different projects from the one kit.


Thursday, 15 May 2008

License Plate Titles

I really like these cute License Plate Titles, they are very simple to make and can be used as a way to add an interesting title to your scrapbooking pages and off the page projects.

Materials (to make 1)
1x 5” x 2.5” Patterned Paper
1x 4.75” x 2.25” Cardstock
1x 4.5” x 2” Patterned Paper
TLC Phrasez


1. Cut you paper and cardstock to the correct measurements then use a corner punch to round all the corners.

2. The largest patterned paper goes on the bottom. Adhere the cardstock to the centre of the largest patterned paper, adhere the smaller patterned paper to the centre of the cardstock.

3. Punch holes in the all the corners to give it a authentic “License Plate” look.

4. Use the words and images from TLC Phrasez to embellish your license plate.

Simple! TLC Phrasez have been used in this example, but you can create your own using other letters, words and images

Ten Top Tips Thursday

  1. Cut striped patterned paper into strips and use them as individual elements such as borders and faux ribbon on page.
  2. Use large letters to attract attention, then fill in the details with smaller stamps or stickers.
  3. Include more photos on a page by cropping them tightly and arranging in a block pattern.
  4. Apply a little talcum powder to the adhesive side of a sticker to remove the tackiness then use foam squares for a raised effect.
  5. If an embellishment is too bright, give it a light sand to tone it down.
  6. Use a cotton bud to ink inside the edges of letters.
  7. Apply two or more coats of different coloured paint to chipboard. When you sand it back, all the colour's will show through.
  8. Sequins, beads and glitter are perfect for embedding into a dimensional medium while still wet.
  9. When printing photos at home, leave space underneath for journalling straight onto photo paper.
  10. Sew a 12" sheet of coloured vellum to cardstock to make mini pockets and break up lengthy journalling.

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

7 Ideas to Make Beautiful Scrapbooks

1. Vellum
Vellum is a transparent, translucent material. Vellum can be used to create a slight shadow or shade change to background or embellishment colors. This can be used as a softening agent for baby scrapbooks, as a touch of elegance to gift scrapbooks, or to create dimension in a boring flat page.

To reduce the cloudiness effect caused by gluing, apply only a thin line of glue along the edges of the vellum. In this way, you will see a slight shadow only along the very edge. This will look like a border to the vellum. Vellum is available in both acidic and non acidic forms.

2. Shadow Boxes
A great way to add depth to your scrapbook page is to add shadow boxes. Basically shadow boxes add a shadow to your images. Shadow boxes are also a great way to make your most important photographs or text boxes stand out form the rest of the page. Shadow boxes can also be to emphasis dedications.

To make a shadow box, simply cut a box shape out of paper. Next, put your embellishment on a larger square of cardstock. Then, add glue to all four sides of the cardstock square and attach it to the back of your paper. The embellishment will show through, adding greater dimension to your page.

3. Patterned Paper
Patterned paper can be used for backgrounds, borders, and embellishments. Often plain white backgrounds look rather boring and dull. Patterned backgrounds add a touch of excitement to your page. The right pattern tailored to your theme and purpose can also increase that professional look.

Colors and patterns can be used to coordinate with your photographs or to add dramatic effects. Paper with various themes and patterns is widely available. For instance, a birthday scrapbook could have a background made of your favorite gift wrap. This could add a touch of elegance or a touch of humor depending upon the patterned paper you choose.

4. Textured Paper
Textured paper can add extra dimension to your scrapbooking page. Textured paper can be used to highlight focus items on your scrapbook page. Textured paper can also be used as a backgrounds or border to give your page an interesting fresh look.

5. Book Jacket Backgrounds
For an added personal touch and artist flair use a book jacket as a background. This scrapbook technique looks especially nice when the book jacket is the reader's favorite book or author, adding a wonderful personalized touch.

Be aware, however, that the glossy coating on the book jacket creates an added challenge to sticking objects to this background. Alternative attachment methods include sewing and eyelets.

6. Adding Dimension
One good way to add dimension to images is to use double stick foam tape. Double stick foam tape literally allows items to pop out at your reader adding realism to items. This technique is especially useful in children's art and educational scrapbooks.

Simply, cut the foam tape into whatever shape and size you want. Then, attach to shape onto your scrapbook page. Double stick foam tape is available at most craft stores in various colors and thicknesses.

7. Ribbons and Lace
Ribbon and lace are by far the most common, and most beautiful, border embellishment. The flowing nature of both materials encourages a touch of softness and elegance. Ribbon and lace are especially popular in gift and memory scrapbooks.

Moreover, ribbon is easy to glue and attach. Lace requires a bit more patience.

For an interesting change from ribbon and lace, try using jute or raffia.
Article by: Lena Fields

Sunday, 11 May 2008

quikSAND Accent Scrapbooking Kits

If you like the distressed look on your scrapbooking projects, then you will love quikSAND Accent Scrapbooking Kits.

Each kit comes with a 12"x12" accent sheet with die-cut and embossed elements that are fun and easy to sand, plus two pieces of cardstock, three sheets of coordinating patterned paper, one quikSAND sanding Disc and a 4-page idea brochure. quikSAND Accents provide the perfect designs for your scrapbook pages.

Sample Scrapbooking Layouts using quikSAND Accents Kits

View this post to make a family organiser using a quikSAND Accent Scrapbooking Kit

Family Organsier using quikSand Accent Kits

Hi everyone, hope all the mothers had a lovely mothers day yesterday and you all got spoilt by your children!

Lets get Organised! Today I am going to give you instructions to make this Family Organiser, using quikSAND Accent Kits.
You can use this organiser to sort photos, kids art work or you could even make a organiser to sort your bills and paper work. I've used the family kit, but you can use any scrapbooking kit from the quikSand range to suit your theme.

10”x12” Accordian File (available from office supply sh0ps etc.)
TLC quickSAND Accent Kit - family
TLC Scrambled Alphabet Black
TLC X-treme Alphabet Black
TLC quickSAND Chip – Flower
Double-sided foam squares
½” Cream twill tape – 16”
(All paper needed comes in quikSAND kit, you can use any kit to suit your theme).


1. Cut a piece of Stone Cardstock 10” x 12” and adhere to the front of the file.

2. Cut a piece of Dusty Plum Underground Paper 2” x 12”. Sand edges and adhere to top of the Stone Cardstock.

3. Cut a piece of Family Varsity Plaid Paper 6 7/8” x 7 7/8”. Sand the edges and adhere to the lower left section of the Stone Cardstock. You should have 1/8” of the Stone Cardstock showing between the Underground and Plaid Papers.

4. Cut a piece of Dusty Plum City CafĂ© Paper 5” x 7 7/8”. Sand the edges and adhere to the lover right section of the Stone Cardstock.

5. Remove the small square frame, the small green block, the purple nameplate and the family title from the quikSAND Accent Sheet. Lightly sand the edges of all pieces.

6. Us the X-treme Alphabet to spell out the word “stuff” on the nameplate.

7. Thread the twill tape through the slots in the nameplate and knot the ends. Position the nameplate approximately 1” from the right end of the folder and adhere in place as shown on image.

8. Adhere the small green block in the upper left corner as shown.

9. Use double-sided foam squares to attach the frame and the title as shown.

10. Sand the edges of the flower chip and adhere over the corner of the title as shown.

11. Punch or cut a ½” circle out of the cream or yellow section of the Varsity Plaid Paper and adhere to the centre of the flower.

12. Use the remaining tabs, tags, and small frames of the quikSAND Accent sheet to create the index tab dividers.

13. Sand and trim each of the pieces as necessary.

14. Use the TLC Scrambled Alphabet to apply the names to your tabs. Adhere the tabs to pieces of Stone Cardstock that are cut 1 ½” x 2 ¾”.

15. Staple the divider tabs to the sections of the file in a staggered pattern.

16. Cut 4" sections of the border strips and fold into a v-shape. Sand the edges and staple randomly on the sections of the file to decorate.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Ten Top Tips Thursday

10 more tips to give you inspiration for all your scrapbooking projects!
  1. Cut striped patterned paper into strips and use them as individual elements such as borders and faux ribbon on page.
  2. Use large letters to attract attention, then fill in the details with smaller stamps or stickers.
  3. Include more photos on a page by cropping them tightly and arranging in a block pattern.
  4. Apply a little talcum powder to the adhesive side of a sticker to remove the tackiness then use foam squares for a raised effect.
  5. If an embellishment is too bright, give it a light sand to tone it down.
  6. Use a cotton bud to ink inside the edges of letters.
  7. Apply two or more coats of different coloured paint to chipboard. When you sand it back, all the colour's will show through.
  8. Sequins, beads and glitter are perfect for embedding into a dimensional medium while still wet.
  9. When printing photos at home, leave space underneath for journalling straight onto photo paper.
  10. Sew a 12" sheet of coloured vellum to cardstock to make mini pockets and break up lengthy journalling.

Everlasting Scrapbooks Grand Opening

Hi everyone, I am happy to announce that my online scrapbooking shop Everlasting Scrapbooks is now open for business. I am still doing a few updates on the site, but it is all up and running to take orders!

Check out some of the Specials in store now!

Queen & Co Beadifuls
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Metal License Plates
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Elements Scrapbooking Kits
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Go to to purchase these hot specials and many more. I will be adding new products weekly so make sure you keep checking back for all new products and specials. (Plus I will be adding competitions and FREE srapbooking deals very soon).


Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Mini Photo Frame Book

Last month I posted the instructions on how to make mini quote books. As an alternative use for these mini books I have turned one into a cute Mini Photo Frame. The instructions to make one is basically the same as my previous post on mini quote books, with a few differences towards the end, but I will give you all the instructions from start to finish for these Photo Frames.

2 different styles of patterned paper
Chipboard Flower
Sheet of chipboard
Flower Punch


Making the cover for mini frames.
Step 1 - Cut out chipboard and fold on dotted lines.

Step 2 - Cut out outside of patterned paper and adhere to the outside of chipboard.

Step 3 - Cut about 15cm (5.90“) of cream ribbon (x 4 – two for each book, this is what ties the book together), stick it to the inside cover of the chipboard. (See image on Step 1).

Step 4 - Cut out the patterned paper and adhere it to the inside cover of each book.

Step 5 - Embellish cover of frame using patterned paper, lace and your flower punch.

Step 6 - For the inside of your frames cut out 2 x 61/2 x 61/2 cm from the cardstock, cut out the centre part of the square cardstock (this is where you will see the photo) leaving about a 1cm border. Adhere to the inside of your frames leaving the top open to slide your photo in.

Step 7 - Thread beads onto wire and thread wire through the centre of frames to embellish.

Just like the mini quote books, these Mini Photo Frames will make a beautiful Mother's Day present.

Monday, 5 May 2008

Organizing Digital Photos for Scrapbooking

Digital cameras are becoming more and more popular as time goes by. As a scrapbooker, I find it easier to store and organize digital photos then regular photos. This is how I organize them.

After loading your photos onto your computer, create folders. Copy and paste photos by date and event. I like to even take this a step further and copy and paste what photos I want per layout. So when it's time to scrapbook, I simply look at my different folders and decide which one I want to work on. I then look to see how many pictures there are and figure out a layout that would work well. I take in consideration different sizes I could print the photo, with regular film processing you can't do that. I then print out only the ones I want to work with.

With digital photos, you can crop, trim, or change color tints on your photos. Think black and white photos would look better then the scattered colored photo? No problem, simply got to your photo editing program and play with the coloring. If the subject of your photo is off center or something distracting is in the picture, use your photo editing program to crop or zoom in.

Digital photo is the way to go! They are so much easier to work with and take up only computer space!
Article By: Debbie Luker

Custom Photo Collage Posters

I have mentioned before about LifeTimez Online, where you can subscribe to Life Timez online and use over 300 designs to create photobooks, board books, calenders and more. You can also create Custom Photo Collage Posters when you sign up for a subscription. Just like every other project you create with LifeTimez Online, the Custom Collage Posters are so easy to make and they turn out really good.

With LifeTimez Custom Poster service you can collage a few themed photos around a memorable event, your favorite person or pastime. These poster are a great way to dress your walls or to add to your scrapbooks.

At the moment you can choose from about 50 different poster designs from many different themes like Good Times, Family, Love and Sport, plus you can choose from three different poster sizes. New designs are added weekly so you will never run out of new ideas. With so many pre-made designs to pick from it makes it really quick and easy to create your posters.

If you want to find out more about LifeTimez online go to, from this website you can view all the products and designs that are available, plus sign up for your FREE Trial, with all free trials you also get a free 4x4 bragbook all you have to do is pay the postage.

Friday, 2 May 2008

Ten Top Tips Thursday

Whoops, I didn't get around to posting the "Ten Top Tips Thursday" yesterday, so here it is a day late!
  1. Add a little texture paste to paint to give it a raised look.
  2. attach accents to your project using double-sided foam tape to create depth.
  3. stamp different images in random colours for a great background effect.
  4. Use plates, bowls and glasses for easy circle templates.
  5. Cutting the design out of patterned paper and adding it over other parts of an accent helps bring the elements together.
  6. Cut and fold a brown paper bag to make a memorabilia pocket.
  7. Paint, sand and rub edges of letters with ink for added emphasis.
  8. Before stitching paper to cardstock, apply a small amount of adhesive to the centre of the paper.
  9. Stamp full alphabets onto cardstock for a unique background design.
  10. Mix small and large fonts for impact.