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Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Cute Paper Bag Purse

This paper bag purse is so cute, and it was really easy and fun to make. I made one for my friend for her birthday and on the inside I decorated the paper bag and then I put photos and flat embellishments on cardstock, with was cut so it could fit into the paper bag slots.

Paper Bag(s)
Patterned paper
Ribbon or fibres for purse handle
Flower chipboard for the snap
Brad to hold chipboard in place.
Extra embellishments if you want


Trim off the jagged part of the paper bag.

Fold newly trimmed end of bag up under flap, leaving a tiny bit of space between the edge of the bag and the edge of the flap.

Cut cardstock to fit the flap portion of the bag and adhere.

Fold the edges of the flap underneath into the shape of a triangle and cut off the folded under portion.

Cut patterned paper to fit the half of the bag that gets tucked under the flap and adhere.

From cardstock, cut approximately a 1” wide strip and adhere to bottom portion of the bag.

Cut another strip ¾” wide of patterned paper (or use ribbon) and thread through the buckle and adhere to the 1” strip of cardstock on bottom of purse.

Punch holes into the top corners of the flap (for handles) and set with eyelets.

Thread ribbon through eyelets and tie knots behind to make handle.

Use the brad to hold your chipboard flower in place, making the “snap” for your purse.

Leave it as is or decorate further using stickers, rub-ons, embellishments etc. On the inside decorate how you please with photos, paper etc.

The original idea for this paper bag purse was from Kayla,

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Movable Puppets For Kids

As its the last day of school holidays today I thought I would share with you one more craft project that my son and I did on the weekend.

These movable puppets are really easy to make. All you need is a colouring picture of your child's favourite character printed onto cardstock, colouring pencils, brads (small metal pins), and some string. Here is the website of colouring pages I used for Blues Clues, and here is the website I used for the Robot picture.

Once you have printed your chosen image onto the cardstock get your child to colour in the picture, once coloured in cut out picture, also cut the legs, arms, head etc, to make the movable parts. Now join the cut legs etc. to the body using the brads. The head, ears and tail move on the Blues Clues puppet and the arms and legs move on the robot puppet. Put a small hole at the top of the picture and thread string though it, tie in knot at top.

Its as easy as that, now you can sit back and have a coffee while your kids play with the puppets. You could also get your kids to put on a puppet show for you with their new puppets!

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Ten Top Tips Thursday

Here are 10 more quick scrapbooking tips for you to use. Remember if you would like to add your own tips to the 'Ten Top Tips Thursday' posts just send me an email and I will add them next time.
  1. Use a puzzle punch to turn a photo into a jigsaw or just punch a piece from each one for continuity.
  2. White cardstock makes summer photos stand out and brings a clean and bright look to layouts.
  3. Use different shapes for matting photos and rounded corners for a funky feel.
  4. Achieve even hand-stitching by first running the card through an unthreaded sewing machine.
  5. Add a masculine touch to layouts by using jute to attach accents to your page.
  6. Rub a gold embellishment with metallic rub-ons to get a darker antique shade.
  7. All small alphabet letters over larger ones to give your title dimension.
  8. Stand above your subject when taking a photo, for an interesting effect.
  9. After typing your journalling cut it into strips for a different look.
  10. Paint the back of acetate letters then scratch a border for definition.

Basic Color Theory for Scrapbooking

Looking for a simple, versatile scrapbooking idea that can make your pages interesting and great looking' Try using the color wheel that you learned about in grade school to design well-coordinated eye-pleasing pages that really shine. The simple color theories that you learned in grade school can serve you very well in scrapbooking today, and after reviewing the basics you'll be ready to create an unlimited number of great looking pages.

Remember the color wheel' Colors arranged in a circle, similar to a rainbow, and all of the colors related' Red combines with yellow to make orange, yellow and blue combine to make green, and red and blue make purple, remember' Visit your local craft store and invest in a simple color wheel to get you going. Most of the art departments will have one, and EK Success now makes a fancy one just for scrapbooking. Any color wheel will allow you to use these simple ideas.

Let your picture be your guide in choosing a color scheme for your page. Choose one color from the photograph to be your 'key' color. It may be a color from a flower in the foreground, or the color of the shirt your child is wearing. Whatever you choose, it will be the starting point for your color themed page design.

The first color scheme is monochromatic. Say you've chosen the blue of your son's eyes. Since every color comes in many values, choose two or three additional values of the blue color you want to use. You may choose one lighter value and one darker value, or two lighter or darker values, it's up to you. Now do all of your work on the page in these three colors. The result will be restful, calming and cohesive. Your page will be pleasing to the eye and stylish, no matter how you accessorize.

Choosing two or three adjoining colors is called an analogous color scheme. These combinations tend to be either warm (from the red side of the color wheel) or cool (from the blue side of the color wheel). They are pleasing to the eye, restful and attractive. Certain combinations lend themselves very well to different themes as well. Consider a combination of red, orange yellow and orange for a striking fall layout, or a combination of icy blues and purples for a frosty winter page.

The third basic type of color scheme is complimentary. Choosing colors across the wheel from each other creates contrast and is a good way to make the items on your page stand out. On a blue page, mat the photos in orange and use orange toned accents and your details will really stand out. Red and green are also complimentary, another reason that those Christmas pages are usually so striking. Every color on the color wheel has a compliment. Consider basing your page on one color and accent with its compliment for a striking, impressive effect.

The basics of color theory that we learned in grade school are worth reviewing when you're looking for ideas to get started on your next scrapbook page. Invest in a color wheel and put those great papers to work for you!
Written by: Jay Moncliff

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Tips For Scrapbooking Beginners - Where To Start

Taking Pictures
The first thing a potential scrapbooker should know is how to take a good picture, as the vast majority of scrapbooks are centered around our photographs. Visit our photography page for specific tips on taking pictures.

Photo Storage
I have found that the system that works best for me is to store my not-so-great pictures in those inexpensive photo storage boxes (in chronological order). All of my other pictures go into regular photo albums immediately after being developed so I can keep them in order. Then, as I update my scrapbook, I simply flip through the album and decide which pictures are scrapbook worthy. Since using a digital camera, I sometimes order extras that I know will be used in my scrapbook so that another copy can stay in the regular album.

Scrapbook Design
After gathering and organizing your pictures, the next step is to decide what theme you want for your scrapbook. You could create one for a child's life, a wedding, vacations, family, or any specific theme that ties your pictures together. Personally, I have a scrapbook for the 1st year of life for each of my two daughters, and continue to add pages to additional scrapbooks to capture memories as they happen chronologically.

Photo Selection
Once you have decided on a theme for your scrapbook, select several pictures to be grouped on each page. The most popular size scrapbook is 12x12, which usually holds about 3 pictures plus journaling, though this is extremely flexible. Sometimes, a special picture might be placed alone on a page with more embellishments, or many cropped (trimmed) pictures can be squeezed on. There are no rules!

Cropping Photos
Most scrapbookers like to crop their pictures. Cropping is cutting out any distracting or unnecessary background to focus on your subject. This is best done using a personal paper trimmer, which makes a quick, clean, level cut.

Choosing Paper
After cropping your pictures, the next step is usually deciding on background paper and mat paper for your page. (I say usually because, again, there are not rules. You may decide not to use a mat for your photo, or use several or no papers for your background.) The background paper can be chosen by theme (for example, holly paper for a Christmas layout) or you can select papers that complement the colors of your photos. For example, if your child is wearing a purple hat and you want to emphasize it, mat your photos on matching purple paper (and find a background paper to complement).

Descriptive text added to expand on the layout is called a journal block. This can be handwritten or done on the computer, and adds a personal touch besides complementing the photos to present a complete collection of memories for the layout. When journaling, focus on answering the "who-what-when-where-why" questions of your photos.

Embellishments such as die-cuts (cardstock cut into various shapes), stickers, eyelets, fibers, glitter, etc. can be added to really give your layout some "punch". Let your creative juices flow!

Article By: Paula McDonald

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Some More Kids Stuff

With it being school holidays I haven't had a chance to get much done. I am still working on my website, which is slowly coming together. I have been looking on the internet for kids projects to do, like colouring in pages of their favourite characters and my son also likes to have pretend parties so I have also been searching for free printable invitations etc.

Here are some websites that offer free printables and kids activities that I thought you and your kids might enjoy.

DLKT Kids - I printed out some power ranger and Dora the explorer invitations from this site, it was really easy to use and takes you through step by step to create your invitations. They also have goodies bags, party hats etc, plus lots a different craft projects.

Coloring Book Fun - This website have heaps of coloring pages of all the popular characters.

Kids Craft Weekly
- For this website if you sign up for their newsletter they will send you a weekly newsletter full of craft ideas and fun activities for young kids.

Creative Kid at Home - Full of great activities for kids at home, from planning a treasure hunt to fun kids games. This website is a great resource for parents who need a bit of inspiration for entertaining children.

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Project for School Holidays

I had my niece over the other day so I decided to do some crafts with my niece (aged 4) and my son (aged 5). I got them each to make a simple circle basket and circle purse. My niece finished hers and it looked great, but my son started his and then decided half way through he wanted to go ride his bike instead, he is a typical boy who can't sit still for to long. So here is the project my niece finished (I won't show you my son's attempt!) and the instructions we used, I helped her with the measurements for the circle but then she did the rest herself.


Cardstock x2
Patterned Paper
Contrasting Patterned Paper
Adhesive Foam squares

Mini Purse Instructions:

1. To make the purse draw a 8” (20.4cm) circle from cardstock. Cut and score the lines as shown on the template (there are only 4 cuts). Cut out the circle.

2. Mark where you want to set the eyelets for the ribbon handle then set the eyelets.

3. Fold all sides up and inward then adhere the tabs to the inside. Now you have your basic purse.

4. Embellish purse with patterned paper and other embellishments.

5. Cut two lengths of ribbon each 8 1/2” (21 1/2cm). With one length thread it through one of the eyelets on the front of the purse and tie a knot. Thread the other side of ribbon through the other eyelet on the front and tie. Repeat this for the other length of ribbon for the back handle.

Basket Instructions:

1. To make the basket draw a 10” (25.4cm) circle. Cut and score the lines as shown on the template (there are only four cuts). Cut out the circle.

2. Mark where you want to set the eyelets for the ribbon handle then set the eyelets.

3. Fold all sides up and inward then adhere the tabs to the inside. Now you have your basic basket.

4. Embellish basket with patterned paper and other embellishments.

5. Cut two lengths of ribbon each 12” (30.3cm). With one length thread it through one of the eyelets on the front of the purse and tie a knot. Thread the other side of ribbon through the other eyelet on the front and tie. Repeat this for the other length of ribbon for the back handle.

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Ten Top Tips Thursday

I have added a cool javascript to this blog where it shows a new "quick tip" everyday. So now I have decided as a regular feature to this blog to add 10 new top tips every Thursday. Here is my first lot of quick tips. If you have any tips that you would like to share with everyone then send me an email and I will add it to the next Top Tips Thursday post.
  1. Make photo corners by stitching ribbon to a page.
  2. Fabric is a great alternative when you can't find patterned paper to suit a layout. Just remember to iron the fabric first!
  3. Tone bright colour's down by placing them on a neutral background.
  4. Use buttons to create a border around a photo.
  5. Highlight the main photo with a fabric frame filled with wadding.
  6. Tie buttons to a page with cotton tie in a knot.
  7. Use lace to make photo corners for a softer touch.
  8. Create weathered frames with patterned paper - score and highlight the frame with ink, finish with watered down gold acrylic paint.
  9. Create mini books on your layouts to hold journalling
  10. Paint edges of photos as an alternative to matting them.

Make your own Mothers Day Gifts

Mothers day is soon approaching so I thought I would share with you my instructions to make these really cute mini quote and photobooks. Your mum will love the personal touch of these mini books as a gift. Fill them with photos and quotes just for her.

2 different styles of patterned paper
Chipboard Flower
Sheet of chipboard
Tiny tags


Making the cover for mini books.
Step 1 - Cut out chipboard and fold on dotted lines.

Step 2 - Cut out outside of patterned paper and adhere to the outside of chipboard.

Step 3 - Cut about 15cm (5.90“) of cream ribbon (x 4 – two for each book, this is what ties the book together), stick it to the inside cover of the chipboard. (See image on Step 1).

Step 4 - Cut out the patterned paper and adhere it to the inside cover of each book.

Step 5 - Cut out 3 pages for your book (you can have more pages if you want).

Step 6 - Embellish the front and the back pages of book, (see photo). My book has four (4) photo spots in contrasting colours, measurements for photo is 4cm x 5cm (1.56” x 1.97“). You can have as many as you like. Use a quote for the pages without photos. The centre of the punch flower is from the lace I used.

Step 7 - Glue Pages to the spine of the book: Open the book and a generous amount of glue (liquid craft glue) on the spine. The 3 pages go on top of each other, glue them to the books spine (you have to hold them in place for a bit and then keep checking to make sure they are glued in place).

Step 8 - Embellish cover of both books using flower chips, ripped strips of paper, flower punch. Thread some beads on wire and then thread one end of the wire through the centre of the punched flower.

There you have it you finished mini books. To get your scrapbooking supplies to make these mini quote books, make sure you check out my website, if you are looking for quotes to add to your mini book I have also added some quality links for great websites that have heaps of free quotes, poems and sayings.

Hope you enjoy making these mini quote books, keep coming back as I will be adding heaps more projects.


Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Turning Digital Scrabooking into Photobooks - The easy way!

As an avid scrapbooker I am also interested in digital scrapbooking, but I never seem to have enough time to create a whole album from scratch, and with the pages that I have completed I didn't really know what to do with them once I made them, my printer definitely won't print out 12 x 12 pages. But then I found out about LifeTimez Online. You can go to to find out heaps more.

LifeTimez Online offers a subscription service where you can create professionally bounded hard cover and soft cover photobooks, board books, posters, cards and calenders, but the best part about LifeTimez online is they have over 1000 pre-made layout designs to choose from, making it great if you don't have lots of time to create digital layouts from scratch. They offer a free trial, and you also get a free 4x4 brag book with your trial, all you need to do is pay the postage costs!

There is no software to download, you just upload your photos to your account on their website, choose what you want to create (photobook, calender, cards etc.), pick which design you want, you can choose from various themes like, babies, travel, weddings, family and heaps more and then add your photos to the pages, hit send and your completed photobook will be sent to you. It really is that easy, I recommend it to anyone who has ever wanted to create a digital scrapbooking photobook.
To find out more about LifeTimez online go to, you can view the products and designs that are available, plus sign up for your FREE Trial, with all free trials you also get a free 4x4 bragbook all you have to do is pay the postage.

Monday, 14 April 2008

First Post...

Well here it is my first blog post. I've decided to create this new blog for my new website (still working on the site, but couldn't wait to start blogging!). I am transferring my current website to Everlasting Scrapbooks. I will keep the Melz Dezignz website for selling my handmade items.

I started scrapbooking about 6 years ago and instantly became addicted! I love doing and teaching scrapbooking and off the page items, so Everlasting Scrapbooks blog will be a place for you to come and find free instructions and ideas for many great scrapbooking pages and off the page projects. I will also be running monthly challenges with great products to win.

Make sure you come back to this blog to find out all about the most amazing hobby "scrapbooking" and to get all latest product updates, interesting scrapbooking resources and of course to get free instructions, tips and tricks to help you create "Everlasting Scrapbooks".

I will get back to creating my new website now. Depending on how much work my son let's me do, since he is on school holidays, I hope to have my website finished by the end of next week.