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Thursday, 17 April 2008

Make your own Mothers Day Gifts

Mothers day is soon approaching so I thought I would share with you my instructions to make these really cute mini quote and photobooks. Your mum will love the personal touch of these mini books as a gift. Fill them with photos and quotes just for her.

2 different styles of patterned paper
Chipboard Flower
Sheet of chipboard
Tiny tags


Making the cover for mini books.
Step 1 - Cut out chipboard and fold on dotted lines.

Step 2 - Cut out outside of patterned paper and adhere to the outside of chipboard.

Step 3 - Cut about 15cm (5.90“) of cream ribbon (x 4 – two for each book, this is what ties the book together), stick it to the inside cover of the chipboard. (See image on Step 1).

Step 4 - Cut out the patterned paper and adhere it to the inside cover of each book.

Step 5 - Cut out 3 pages for your book (you can have more pages if you want).

Step 6 - Embellish the front and the back pages of book, (see photo). My book has four (4) photo spots in contrasting colours, measurements for photo is 4cm x 5cm (1.56” x 1.97“). You can have as many as you like. Use a quote for the pages without photos. The centre of the punch flower is from the lace I used.

Step 7 - Glue Pages to the spine of the book: Open the book and a generous amount of glue (liquid craft glue) on the spine. The 3 pages go on top of each other, glue them to the books spine (you have to hold them in place for a bit and then keep checking to make sure they are glued in place).

Step 8 - Embellish cover of both books using flower chips, ripped strips of paper, flower punch. Thread some beads on wire and then thread one end of the wire through the centre of the punched flower.

There you have it you finished mini books. To get your scrapbooking supplies to make these mini quote books, make sure you check out my website, if you are looking for quotes to add to your mini book I have also added some quality links for great websites that have heaps of free quotes, poems and sayings.

Hope you enjoy making these mini quote books, keep coming back as I will be adding heaps more projects.


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