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Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Cute Paper Bag Purse

This paper bag purse is so cute, and it was really easy and fun to make. I made one for my friend for her birthday and on the inside I decorated the paper bag and then I put photos and flat embellishments on cardstock, with was cut so it could fit into the paper bag slots.

Paper Bag(s)
Patterned paper
Ribbon or fibres for purse handle
Flower chipboard for the snap
Brad to hold chipboard in place.
Extra embellishments if you want


Trim off the jagged part of the paper bag.

Fold newly trimmed end of bag up under flap, leaving a tiny bit of space between the edge of the bag and the edge of the flap.

Cut cardstock to fit the flap portion of the bag and adhere.

Fold the edges of the flap underneath into the shape of a triangle and cut off the folded under portion.

Cut patterned paper to fit the half of the bag that gets tucked under the flap and adhere.

From cardstock, cut approximately a 1” wide strip and adhere to bottom portion of the bag.

Cut another strip ¾” wide of patterned paper (or use ribbon) and thread through the buckle and adhere to the 1” strip of cardstock on bottom of purse.

Punch holes into the top corners of the flap (for handles) and set with eyelets.

Thread ribbon through eyelets and tie knots behind to make handle.

Use the brad to hold your chipboard flower in place, making the “snap” for your purse.

Leave it as is or decorate further using stickers, rub-ons, embellishments etc. On the inside decorate how you please with photos, paper etc.

The original idea for this paper bag purse was from Kayla,

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sioux said...

How cute is that!