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Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Photo Fridge Magnets

You can make this sweet fridge magnet by using a wooden coaster. Below you will find the instructions to make one of these magnets. You can play around with different patterned papers and embellishments to make gorgeous gifts for friends and family.

Wooden Coaster
Patterned Paper
Flower Patterned Paper
Rub-on Words
2 Brads
Mod Podge (liquid craft glue)
Craft Knife


Paint your wooden coaster in your chosen colour, the front will be covered with paper so you only need 1 coat, do 2 coats of paint for the sides and back of the wood coaster. Leave to dry.

Mark the outline of your wood coaster onto your patterned paper, then cut out your coaster shape. It doesn’t have to be really neat as we will sandpaper the paper later.

Using your Mod Podge adhere your cutout coaster shape to the front of the wood coaster.

Once mod podge is completely dry, sand the edges to get rid off the overhanging paper, this is really easy to do and gives your end result a professional finish.

Varnish or use your mod podge to seal the coaster. Wait to dry.

To make frame cut a square from the stripe paper 6/ ½ cm x 6 ½ cm and mark 1cm in at all 8 corners and make them line up to the 1cm marks to form the inside square to cut out. Use your craft knife to cut inside frame.

Get photo 6cm x 6cm and adhere to frame you just made. Adhere photo frame to your coaster.

Cut out 4 flowers from flower paper. Layer two largest flowers and pin together with brad, place on the top left corner of coaster overlapping photo frame a little bit. Add extra flower embellishments to bottom right corner of coaster. Add rub-on words to sides of frame.

Using your mod podge glue the magnet to the back of the finished coaster.

Here are a couple of other magnets I have made using different embellishments and different coaster shapes.

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