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Thursday, 19 June 2008

Ten Top Tips Thursday

The giveaway for your top tips has now closed, thank you to everyone who sent in your top tips. In the coming weeks you will see your top tips displayed here.

  1. Encase your photo in a circle border created with small flowers, buttons and accents.
  2. Apply rub-ons to patterned paper to create a subtle look.
  3. Add a subtle element to a layout with a few cross-stiches.
  4. Try journalling in a shape to continue the pattern on your page.
  5. Ink or paint the edges of your page to bring softness to your layouts.
  6. Include small blossoms in your title for a fresh and girly feel.
  7. Add a mini book to your page to include more photos and journalling.
  8. A wide strip of ribbon provides the perfect border along the bottom edge of a layout.
  9. Layer small flowers over larger blossoms for a dimensional look.
  10. Its a good idea to take a few photo shots of your surroundings to include on your page, as well as include price lists, postcards and other memorabilia.

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