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Monday, 16 June 2008

Pop Up Cards

Just add number stickers or alphabet stickers to gift cards to easily make a cute and interesting birthday card.

Gift Card (homemade card or brought blank card)
Strip patterned paper about 2cm x 17.5cm
Monograms Numbers
Double-sided tape
Flour or powder to take the stick out of the monogram stickers

Get your strip of patterned paper and fold and adhere in half to make a thin 1cm wide strip. With the strip length ways mark and score the lines like the image below.

Now you need to turn this strip into a rectangle by adhering the two 2 1/2cm sides together.

Join the two sticker monograms together as close to the edge as possible and then rub flour or powder over the sticky part of the numbers and the dust the flour off with a cloth to get rid of the stickiness from sticker.

Adhere you number (21) to one of the long sides of the rectangle. Adhere the other long side of rectangle to the back of the open gift card so your numbers are standing in the centre of the card. Now you can easily open and close your card to reveal the popup numbers.

For a fun alternative you could even make your popup card's using 2 or 3 sticker shapes for wedding cards, baby cards and other special occasions .

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