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Monday, 14 July 2008

Decorating Wooden Doorhangers

Wooden doorhanger
Patterned Paper (I have used GCD Studios Rose Colored Glasses - Droopy Vines)
2 different coloured ribbon
Wire stem flowers
Letter stickers (I have used GCD Studios Letter Stickers - White Glitter)
Mod Podge
Varnish (optional)

1. Paint your wooden doorhanger in your chosen colour, the front will be covered with paper so you only need 1 coat, do 2 coats of paint for the sides and back of doorhanger. Leave to dry.

2. Mark the outline of your doorhanger onto your patterned paper, then cut out your doorhanger shape. It doesn’t have to be really neat as we will sandpaper the paper later.

3. Using your Mod Podge adhere your cutout doorhanger shape to the front of wood doorhanger.

4. Once mod podge is completely dry, sand the edges to get rid off the overhanging paper, this is really easy to do and gives your end result a professional finish.

5. Varish or use your mod podge to seal the doorhanger. Wait to dry.

6. Once dry it is time to embellish your doorhanger. Get two lengths of different coloured ribbon and wrap it around the top of the hanger and tie a knot, twist two wire stem flowers around the ribbon at the knot. Do the same at the bottom of the doorhanger, if you tie the knots tight enough you shouldn't need to glue ribbon down, if the ribbon is a bit lose just add a little glue to the ribbon at the back of the hanger.

7. Use alphabet stickers to add your child's name to the center of the doorhanger.

Finished! You can decorate your doorhangers using a variety of different embellishments, here's a couple of examples using stickers, chipboard, ribbon and a photo.

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