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Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Embellishing Your Candles

Candles - everyones loves candles and they make a beautiful idea for gift giving, so why not make your gift giving that bit more personal by adding scrapbooking embellishments to plain candles.

In my candle example I have used flowers and ribbons, but you can use a variety of embellishments to decorate candles like rub-ons, charms, chipboard shapes or stickers. And you can also experiment with different candle sizes.

Candle (any kind, I have used a scented candle).
2 lengths of coordinating self-adhesive ribbon (length depends on the size of your candle for the ribbon to wrap around). I have used GCD Studio Zen Garden Ribbon.
2 Flowers (the flowers I used had wire stems on them)

1. Get one piece of ribbon and measure how much ribbon you need by wrapping it around your candle. Once you have your desired length find the centre and twist 1 wire flower around the ribbon, now twist the second wire flower around the ribbon near the first flower, arrange flowers so they "sit" nicely.
2. Take the self-adhesive backing of the ribbon with flowers and wrap the ribbon around the centre of your candle, then wrap the second piece of ribbon around the candle directly under the first ribbon.

As simple as that!

Here is another candle I embellished using ribbons and stickers.

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