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Thursday, 17 July 2008

Ten Top Tips Thursday

Here's another dose of tips to keep you going for the week.
  1. Use a line from a song to as the title of your layout.
  2. Make a pocket using the same paper as the background, then stitch around it in a contrasting colour.
  3. Cut patterned paper into strips, place it randomly on the page and sew the edges for definition.
  4. Cut flowers from patterned paper and stain and crinkle them, then ink the edges when dry.
  5. Swipe acrylic paint against the grain of the cardstock to create a rippled effect.
  6. Sketch out your layout first, to make it quicker to put together.
  7. Take a photo of the environment your subject is based in, to enlarge and use as printed paper or embellishments.
  8. Write journalling in a semi-circle rather than the traditional box.
  9. Scrapbooking your child's artwork is a great way to display and preserve it.
  10. Mount letter stickers to patterned papers and trim leaving a border to create titles.


June said...

Thanks for these tips. They are good ones, indeed. Your tip about using a song to make your title reminded me of a layout I made a few years ago. it referenced a book, not a song, and it was a little naughty. The layout showed pictures of my friend and myself wearing matching pink t-shirts. We are both a little on the busty side. I titled the layout, "The Boobsie Twins."

Owner: Melanie said...

Using a book title, that's a good one. I often use poems and saying's on my layout to help me with my journaling.