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Sunday, 25 May 2008

Envelope Books

Heres a fun project for you to make. These envelope books are really easy to make and can be used to help you remember all important birthdays. Make sure you read all instructions first to get a feel for the construction of the envelope book.

Front cover of birthday envelope book

Open view of envelope book

Open view of envelope book showing the 12 calender pages that go in the envelopes

All measurements are determined by the size of your envelopes. The measurements I have used is for envelopes C6 (115 x 162mm). You can change measurements to suit your size envelope.

TLC Hotfudge Birthday Kit
2x extra cardstock (for calender inserts)
White printer paper
Alphabet stickers
12 envelopes

Making Book Cover:
Step 1: Cut 1x piece of purple cardstock in half, it should be about 15cm (6") but measure because not all cardstock is exactly 30cm x 30cm (12"x12").

Step 2: With the white side of the cardstock facing up, mark and score both halves of cardstock at 14cm and 15cm. This makes the two spines for the book.

Step 3: With one half off your cardstock mark, but DO NOT score at 16cm. Then adhere the other half of cardstock at this 16cm mark. You want it so your envelopes sits nicely in the middle section of book.

Step 4: You now have the basic book ready, now we have to make the strip to keep book closed when folded up. This strip is made in the same way as the envelope book. Cut 2x strips of cardstock, 4 1/2cm x 30cm. Mark and score at 16 1/2cm and 18cm. With one strip only mark but do not score at 18 1/2cm, adhere 2nd strip of cardstock to first strip at this 18 1/2cm mark. Wrap your finished strip around your closed book cover and adhere strip together at back so you can slide it off the book.

Step 5: Decorate outside cover of book. Cut 2x pieces of the strip paper 14cm x 9cm. Adhere to to the left and right outside covers about 1cm from bottom. Cut 3x circles from chipboard (or use precut circles) and use modge podge (or craft glue) to cover chipboard circles with patterned paper, sand edges of circles for a smooth finish. Using foam mounting tape adhere present, cake and candle picture accents to chipboard circles and adhere to the top of the left outside cover making the candle chipboard hangover the right edge of cover. Using the alphabet stickers stick the word book to the arrow accent and adhere to bottom right of outside cover.

Step 6: Decorate inside of book. Cut 2x star patterned paper 14m x 9cm, adhere to the bottom of the left and right sections on inside cover. Cut 2x stripe patterned paper 14cm x 2 1/2cm and adhere to left and right sections of inside cover overlapping the star paper a little bit.

Now you have the basic book, you just need to add envelopes and calender inserts.

Adding Envelopes:
Step 1: Get your 12 envelopes and fold the (self adhesive) flap backwards on all envelopes.

Step 2: Starting with the first envelope adhere to second envelope using the self adhesive flap, repeat with all envelopes, until you have your stack of envelopes stuck together.

Step 3: Adhere the bottom envelope from the stack to the center section of your open book. you can cut a strip of patterned paper to place inside envelope to hide the blue part of envelope, but I decided not to as the calender inserts cover this.
Step 4: Decorate top envelope. Cut strip paper to the length of your envelope by 8cm high, adhere to top envelope 1.5cm from bottom. Cut the ribbon accent to the length of envelope and adhere to the bottom of the top envelope overlapping the strip paper a little bit. Cut 2 full star shapes and 1 half star from the star paper and adhere to the top envelope. Adhere "celebrate" accent to left of the top envelope.

Making Calender Inserts:
Step 1: If you like you can download the calender template that I used, or you can use your own calender template. Print calender months onto white printer paper and then cut out and adhere to cardstock, cut out. My measurements for each calender insert is 15cm x 11cm.
Step 2: Using the ribbon accent cut 12 sections and adhere to the back of each calender month at different intevals. Insert 1 calender month into each envelope.


You can change the theme of your envelope to suit your needs, here is one I made for favourite recipes.

You can also make one to store cards, a babies first year where you can have a separate envelope for every month to keep photos and mementos, or make one for your child's school days.

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