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Thursday, 29 May 2008

Ten Top Tips Thursday

Here is 10 more tips for you. Check out my next post to see the giveaway I am running for the Ten Top Tips Thursday for a chance to get FREE scrapbooking goodies.
  1. Use paper off-cuts to create a flower and leaves, then use hand stitching to create the stems.
  2. Cut strips of patterned paper to use as a ribbon.
  3. Use arrows to get attention and funk your layouts up a bit.
  4. When using lots a different colour's, make sure they're all the same intensity.
  5. Be creative with journalling by including pre-printed words to describe what's happening in your photos.
  6. Use computer software to desaturate colour's in the photos to better match patterned paper.
  7. Use a simple design and monochromatic colour scheme to keep the focus on a strong photo.
  8. Dip a soft rag into paint and rub around the edges of your layout.
  9. When cropping your photo, play around with it first, to ensure you get the best option for the subject of the photo.
  10. If you make a spelling mistake on your layout, re write the word on coloured cardstock and attach it over the top.

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