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Thursday, 8 May 2008

Ten Top Tips Thursday

10 more tips to give you inspiration for all your scrapbooking projects!
  1. Cut striped patterned paper into strips and use them as individual elements such as borders and faux ribbon on page.
  2. Use large letters to attract attention, then fill in the details with smaller stamps or stickers.
  3. Include more photos on a page by cropping them tightly and arranging in a block pattern.
  4. Apply a little talcum powder to the adhesive side of a sticker to remove the tackiness then use foam squares for a raised effect.
  5. If an embellishment is too bright, give it a light sand to tone it down.
  6. Use a cotton bud to ink inside the edges of letters.
  7. Apply two or more coats of different coloured paint to chipboard. When you sand it back, all the colour's will show through.
  8. Sequins, beads and glitter are perfect for embedding into a dimensional medium while still wet.
  9. When printing photos at home, leave space underneath for journalling straight onto photo paper.
  10. Sew a 12" sheet of coloured vellum to cardstock to make mini pockets and break up lengthy journalling.

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