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Thursday, 29 May 2008

Free Scrapbooking Goodies for your Tips

I mentioned last Thursday that I wanted to start a giveaway with the Ten Top Tips Thursday, what I want is for you to give me your top tips.

Give me 5 Tips and I will send you a FREE $15 Gift voucher.
Give me 10 Tips and I will send you a FREE $15 Gift voucher, plus some free scrapbooking goodies. The free goodies will range from free rub-ons and sticker sheets, embellishments or it might even be a free scrapbooking kit.

So what are you waiting for send your top tips to me at ( and I will send you your free scrapbooking goodies. I will be running this giveaway for two weeks and it will close on Thursday the 12th of June. Limit 10 tips per person.

I look forward to receiving your top tips.

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