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Sunday, 11 May 2008

Family Organsier using quikSand Accent Kits

Hi everyone, hope all the mothers had a lovely mothers day yesterday and you all got spoilt by your children!

Lets get Organised! Today I am going to give you instructions to make this Family Organiser, using quikSAND Accent Kits.
You can use this organiser to sort photos, kids art work or you could even make a organiser to sort your bills and paper work. I've used the family kit, but you can use any scrapbooking kit from the quikSand range to suit your theme.

10”x12” Accordian File (available from office supply sh0ps etc.)
TLC quickSAND Accent Kit - family
TLC Scrambled Alphabet Black
TLC X-treme Alphabet Black
TLC quickSAND Chip – Flower
Double-sided foam squares
½” Cream twill tape – 16”
(All paper needed comes in quikSAND kit, you can use any kit to suit your theme).


1. Cut a piece of Stone Cardstock 10” x 12” and adhere to the front of the file.

2. Cut a piece of Dusty Plum Underground Paper 2” x 12”. Sand edges and adhere to top of the Stone Cardstock.

3. Cut a piece of Family Varsity Plaid Paper 6 7/8” x 7 7/8”. Sand the edges and adhere to the lower left section of the Stone Cardstock. You should have 1/8” of the Stone Cardstock showing between the Underground and Plaid Papers.

4. Cut a piece of Dusty Plum City CafĂ© Paper 5” x 7 7/8”. Sand the edges and adhere to the lover right section of the Stone Cardstock.

5. Remove the small square frame, the small green block, the purple nameplate and the family title from the quikSAND Accent Sheet. Lightly sand the edges of all pieces.

6. Us the X-treme Alphabet to spell out the word “stuff” on the nameplate.

7. Thread the twill tape through the slots in the nameplate and knot the ends. Position the nameplate approximately 1” from the right end of the folder and adhere in place as shown on image.

8. Adhere the small green block in the upper left corner as shown.

9. Use double-sided foam squares to attach the frame and the title as shown.

10. Sand the edges of the flower chip and adhere over the corner of the title as shown.

11. Punch or cut a ½” circle out of the cream or yellow section of the Varsity Plaid Paper and adhere to the centre of the flower.

12. Use the remaining tabs, tags, and small frames of the quikSAND Accent sheet to create the index tab dividers.

13. Sand and trim each of the pieces as necessary.

14. Use the TLC Scrambled Alphabet to apply the names to your tabs. Adhere the tabs to pieces of Stone Cardstock that are cut 1 ½” x 2 ¾”.

15. Staple the divider tabs to the sections of the file in a staggered pattern.

16. Cut 4" sections of the border strips and fold into a v-shape. Sand the edges and staple randomly on the sections of the file to decorate.

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Michele said...

This is really cute, and a great idea, that I haven't seen before.

My two daughters are currently doing scrapbooking at school (as a wind-down to the school year maybe - soothes the teachers!)

If you are after another type of family organiser, check my busy mum's diary out at - proudly made and sold here in Australia!