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Thursday, 22 May 2008

Ten Top Tips Thursday

Well its Thursday again, so here are the ten top tips for the week.
  1. Use double-sided paper to create a pocket - fold the bottom two edges into the middle and secure with eyelets.
  2. Brush paint or gesso onto a photo then apply alphabet stickers on top.
  3. Achieve a distressed look when sewing on accents by missing stitches and leaving loose thread at the ends.
  4. Instead of putting your child's artwork in a drawer, make it a feature on a page.
  5. Use a rubber mallet to flatten bottle caps, then paint and attach stickers to them.
  6. Balance strong colour's by incorporating solid black in your layout.
  7. Use a square punch to create windows on cardstock then attach transparency and photos to the back.
  8. Use keywords as a border design and to tie the focal point of your journalling.
  9. Use clothing labels from your child's no longer worn clothes as embellishments.
  10. Use paint chips as an alternative to cardstock.
I am looking for your help with the "Ten Top Tips Thursday", so I will be starting a competition with lots of free goodies! I will post more next week, I just have to finish of a few things first, make sure you come back next week to find out more.

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